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Continual protection from COVID-19 and other Harmful Respiratory Pathogens at the Flick Of A Switch. Sound too good to be true? It’s not…

Article by Micron Disinfection

Disinfection, Air Scrubbing Vs. Air Filtration, Monitoring Air Quality, Effectiveness of UVGI Light, and Scientifically Proven Solutions Customizable to Any Size Workplace or Home:

The many ways in which Micron Disinfection continues to help you weather this storm and prepare for the next.

Micron has been working side by side with our clinical advisory team, who specialized in Infection Prevention long before words like “disinfection, sanitation, ULV foggers, electrostatic sprayers, and chemical disinfectant” became the center of everyone’s world, through mediums such as news broadcasts, social media, and tirelessly long Google searches. This incredibly knowledgeable team is comprised of five specialty doctors and nurses who are experts in the field of infection prevention and represent some of the largest and leading hospitals in our country. Micron has the privilege of being able to consult with them regularly in order to mitigate infection risk and prevent future illness everywhere.

COVID-19 continues to evolve into new strains and variants across the planet. But you may ask; “is it on surfaces, or in the air we’re breathing?” The answer is both. However, most recent data studies have shown COVID-19 to be most transmissible through the air. This is alongside our other lingering air-flowing-foes of course like Influenza, MRSA, Staph, the common cold, particulate matter from smoke, wildfires, allergens, and a plethora of other viruses and bacteria.

“How do we stop COVID-19 and all those other harmful things in the air?” (Hint: it has to do with air scrubbing and air filtration.)

The simplest way to understand the difference between air scrubbing and air filtration technologies is this:

Air Scrubbers: Actively seek out harmful pathogens both in the air, and on surfaces. They do this by creating negatively charged ions, which are on a mission to ‘search and destroy’ the harmful (positively charged) pathogens. I.E. COVID-19, cold & flu viruses, and all other harmful respiratory pathogens mentioned above.

Air Filtration: Works by pulling dirty, or contaminated air, into a filter where is catches harmful pathogens before circulating the healthy air back into the environment. The size of the harmful pathogens caught, depends on the type of filter used. Air filtration alone only works to remove harmful pathogens in the air itself.

“How do we know air scrubbers/air filtration are working to keep us safe?”

Actionable data.

We provide our clients with the ability to visibly measure the results in both air scrubbing and air filtration units with the use of air quality monitoring devices. Air quality monitoring provides real-time data you can show to your staff, patrons, or family members and be confident that you are providing the safest and healthiest air for your indoor environment.

Monitoring devices can be permanently installed (hospitals, schools, hotels, stadiums), or as simple as plug and play (offices, restaurants, homes). Air quality data can be stored and reports can be created easily so you can monitor and track the quality of the air in your space throughout the day, the week, or for years to come.

“What about UV like they’re using in hospitals? Can’t we use UV to protect ourselves too?”

The answer is yes. However, UV can be potentially harmful if not used properly. This is the reason why rooms in hospitals have to be cleared, locked, and secured before using UV to kill harmful pathogens. Luckily, we have vetted UV technology, or UVGI (ultraviolet germicidal irradiation), and can provide safe solutions that combine this technology with some of our air scrubbers and air filtration units for an added and layered level of protection.

If this still seems like a lot to process at once, that’s ok, you’re not alone! Remember where we started. We have come a long way in our efforts to understand our current threat, how to get ahead of it, and how we can best protect ourselves long term from the numerous varieties of other invaders whose only goal is to make us sick.

Micron continues to evolve in our mission of providing state of the art solutions and best in class equipment to everyone in need of a safer, healthier environment in observance and compliance with CDC guidelines and EPA requirements.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and are looking forward to working with you. Micron aims to keep the air you breathe as safe as the surfaces you touch.

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Written by Josh Wilson, President and co-founder of Micron Disinfection

Micron Disinfection is an infection prevention company that specializes in disinfecting commercial buildings and air quality systems. Through electrostatic spraying and ULV fogging, we are able to eliminate pathogens in high-touch areas, making your property safer! Call today for more information.

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